What We Do

Our strategic plan is to pursue selective real estate development opportunities for our own account and to provide Owner’s Representative services to selective clients. We passionately apply our focus and professional skills on initiatives that are selective, uniquely innovative and have the prospect of contributing consistent growth in value to our investors and to our communities.

As a private, opportunistic real estate investor, Upton+Partners seeks risk-adjusted (high risk/high return, low-risk/moderate return) investments by developing and/or acquiring undervalued residential, commercial and/or retail properties in well-positioned locations. We seek the highest and best use solutions for properties which lead to superior cash-on-cash yields with the flexibility to react to market timing and changing economic conditions.

We believe that our clients and investors benefit most from our greatest resources: entrepreneurial spirit, market knowledge, creativity, comprehensive technical expertise, hands-on construction experience and access to investment capital. Without exception, we consistently meet the challenges of program, schedule, budget, exceptional design and quality and financial controls to achieve superior returns to our project stakeholders.

Our plan is to pursue unique value-added opportunities that can benefit from our greatest resources- our creativity, comprehensive technical expertise and investment capital.